The Sixth member of the band

Over the decades, Aerosmith have generally taken a keyboard player on the road with them and some have been multi-talented musicians in their own right.

Mark Radice

Born: November 23, 1957 in Newark, NJ

Musician skillset: keyboards, piano, synthesizer, bass, vocals, backing vocals, songwriter

Played with Aerosmith: Live Bootleg Tour (1978)

Aerosmith albums featured on: "Live Bootleg! " (1978) , "Box of Fire"

Other Artists toured with: Cheap Trick, Donavan

Albums released: "Ain't Nothing But A Party" (1976), "Intense" (1977)

  The first of the keyboard players Aerosmith used on a whole tour.

Also appears on albums by Donovan, Michael Bolton, Cheap Trick, B.T. Express Deodata, Joanne Barnard, Valentine 2 and Barbara Streisand.

His song-writing credits include songs recorded by Cheap Trick, Deodata, Dion, Dave Edmunds, Barry Manilow, Johnny Mathis, Jennifier Rush, Eddie Money and Barbara Streisand.

Appears amongst the live photos on the Live Bootleg! album.


Bob Mayo

Born: 1951/52. Died Feb 24, 2004 (heart attack in Switzerland)

Musician skillset: keyboards, vocals, backing vocals, synthesizer, Hammond organ, clavinet, guitar, bass, songwriter

Played with Aerosmith: Rock In A Hard Place Tour (1982-1983)

Aerosmith albums featured on: maybe on "Classics Live!" (1986)

Other Artists toured with: Foreigner, Peter Frampton (gtr) , Hall and Oates, Robert Plant, Dan Fogelberg

Albums released:

mayo Also appears on albums by Jean Bratman, Foreigner, Cherish The Ladies, Peter Frampton, Norman Hedman, Hall and Oates, Darryl Hall, Ian Hunter, Katheleen Mock, Eileen Ivers, Joe Vitale, Joe Walsh.

His song-writing credits include songs recorded by Peter Frampton.

With the inactivity in the Aerosmith camp in 1981, Bob Mayo (kybds, vocals) linked up with Jimmy Crespo, Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer and Marge Raymond (ex-Flame with Crespo) at S.I.R. Studios, NY  recording demos (with Tony Bongiovi producing) under the band name of Renegade. Once Tyler returned to recording "Rock In The Hard Place", Renegade was shelved indefineitely.


Clayton Bruce Ost

Born: Pottsville, PA

Musician skillset: keyboards, backing vocals (studied at Berkley College of Music)

Played with Aerosmith: Permanent Vacation Tour (1987-1988)

Aerosmith albums featured on: None

Other Artists toured with: None

Albums released: This Day And Age (2000)

  Prior to "Dude (Looks Like A Lady", Tyler would introduced him as C. Bruce Ost

After playing with Aerosmith, he opened his own recording studio in New York City (Reverse Curve Productions Ltd)



Thomas (Thom) Gimbel

Born: Boston, MA

Musician skillset: keyboards, backing vocals, saxophone, horn, guitar (studied at Berkley College of Music)

Played with Aerosmith: Get A Grip (1993-1994), MTV Unplugged (1990)

Aerosmith albums featured on: Get A Grip (1993), Big Ones (1994), Little South of Samity (1998), Young Lust: The Aerosmith Anthology (2001)

Other Artists toured with: Foreigner

Albums released: None

  Also appears on albums by Jon Butcher Axis, Tamara Champlin, Ava Cherry, Corey Feldman


Would take center stage when playing saxophone solo on "Mama Kin"


Russ Irwin

Born: Huntingham Hills, Long Island, NY

Musician skillset: keyboards, backing vocals, vocals, guitar, hammond organ, piano, tambourine songwriter

Played with Aerosmith: Nine Lives (1997-1999), Just Push Play (2001-2002), Girls of Summer (O Yeah 2002), Rocksimas Maximus (with Kiss - 2003), Homin' On Bobo/Blues Tour (2004)

Aerosmith albums featured on: "Little South of Sanity", 1998, "Young Lust: The Aerosmith Anthology" (2001)

Other Artists toured with: Sting on "Brand New Day" Tour (2000-2001). Played in a band called Mayfield.

Albums released: Russ Irwin (1991). Top 40 hit single 1991 "My Heart Belongs To You"

  Also appears on albums by Mayfield, Lori Carson, Ariel

Played piano on 1 track on the soundtrack "Pink Panther's Passport to Peril" (1997)

Harmonizes with Tyler on various songs (especially from "Nine Lives" and "Just Push Play"). Sings "Just Push Play" using a megaphone.

Performed in the "What's Up" show - a comedy and rock show broadcast on cable in Manhattan Cable TV.

Played chess against World chess champion Gary Kasparov at Times Square, New York City, June 29, 2000.