The object of this section is to detail information about songs Aerosmith have covered

(i) on albums

(ii) played live

and hopefully will widen the reader' s knowledge about the original song.

The final section covers those Aerosmith songs that have been covered by other bands.


Walkin' The Dog
From the album : Aerosmith
Composed by Rufus Thomas (1963)
This dance song was a hit for Rufus Thomas in 1963, reaching No.10 in the charts (appeared on his "Walking The Dog" album on Stax in 1963). The track also featured Booker T and the MGs (of "Green Onion " fame). The track has appeared on numerous other Thomas LPs: a live version on the album "Live" (Stax, 1971) and on "The Best of Rufus Thomas", (Rhino Records, 1996).
The Rolling Stones covered the track on their first LP in April 1964( Decca /London Records, UK: No1, USA, No.11). Also by Aerosmith influenced band, Ratt, on their debut LP "Ratt" (June 83, MFN/Time Coast)
A song in the setlist of Aerosmith's first gig at Nipmuc Regional High School, Nov. 6 1970.


Train Kept A Rollin'
From the album: Get Your Wings
Composed by Howie Kay, Louis Mann and Tiny Bradshaw
First made famous by the rockability act Johnny Burnette and his Rock and Roll Trio in 1956 (see the album "Rockabilly Boogie" on MCA). A version by one of the composers, Tiny Bradshaw appears on the album "Breakin' Up The House" (Charly).
The Yardbird's covered the song on their LP "Having A Rave Up with the Yardbirds Live (Epic, 1966, USA: No.53). A studio version appears on a CD of original BBC recordings called "Yardbirds...On Air" (1991, Band of Joy, released in USA as " Live At The BBC", in Oct 1997 on Warner Archives ) recorded around December, 1965, when the band featured Jeff Beck on guitar. Jimmy Page joined the Yardbirds in June 1966 and left to form Led Zeppelin in August, 1968. The track would open Zeppelin shows during 1969.
It was a track The Jam Band (consisting of Perry and Hamilton) would play in the late 60s . It was also the closing number of the very first Aerosmith show and was a regular in the set for about 25 years. Aerosmith have jammed with major guitar greats on this track in th past: Jeff Beck (Anaheim 76) and Jimmy Page (Marquee and Donington 90).
Numerous other bands have covered the track, ie Hanoi Rocks, Motorhead.


Big Ten Inch Record
From the album: Toys in The Attic
Composed by Fred Weismantel (1952)
R&Ber, Bullmoose Jackson recorded the suggestive song in the 1950s (see album Bad Man Jackson That's Me" on Charly).

A version also appears on the "Risque Rhythms: Nasty 50's R &B" by Jackson with the Tiny Bradshaw Orchestra..


Milk Cow Blues
From the album: Draw The Line
Composed by Kokomo Arnold (1934)
It was the biggest hit for slide blues guitarist, Arnold and he went onto record 5 numbered versions. A version can be heard on "Complete Recorded Works, Vol 1 (1930-1935) (1991, Document 5037, USA).
Numerous artists covered the song: Glen Campbell, Eddie Cochran , Kinks ("Live At The Kelvin Hall", May 67 on Pye) and Elvis Presley. Elvis' third single in January, 1955 was titled "MilkCow Blues Boogie" (found on "Sunrise" album, RCA 1999)
Milk Cow Blues was played in the Aerosmith set as early as 1974 with Joe Perry on vocals.


Remember (Walking In The Sand)
From the album: Night In The Ruts
Composed by George "Shadow" Morton (1964)
Writer/producer Morton went on to discover The Shangri-Las. This track became their first hit (UK: No.14, 1964), followed a few months later by "Leader of the Pack". It can be found on the CD, "Best of the Shangri-Las" (June 96 on Polygram).
Various other acts covered the song including Patsy Cline, The Go-Gos and the Beach Boys.


Reefer Head Woman
From the album: Night In The Ruts
Composed by Lester Melrose, Joe "Buster" Bennett and Willie Gillum
Bill "Jazz" Gillum (vcls), a top harmonica player in the '30s, recorded a tune in the 1930s. A recording can be found on "Bluebird Recordings 1934-1938" (RCA, 1996, USA).

It is believed it underwent further changes as the copyright is dated 1945. The track was recorded for Columbia Microphone label (30001) on Feb 24, 1945 by the Buster Bennett Trio.

Lester Melrose had several roles as music publisher, RCA A&R man and a producer.


Think About It
From the album: "Night In The Ruts"
Composed by Jeff Relf, Jimmy Page and Jim McCarty (1967)
In the USA, it appeared on the album "Little Games" (Aug 67, USA No.80). A recording by the Yardbirds, in March 1968, appears on the CD of original BBC recordings called "Yardbirds...On Air" (released in USA as " Live At The BBC", in Oct 1997). "Think About It" was also the B-side of the last Yardbird's single in March 68.
The track was in the first show Aerosmith did in November 1970. Jimmy Page jammed with Aerosmith on this song at their Marquee 90 concert.


Cry Me A River
From the album: "Rock In A Hard Place"
Composed by Andy Hamilton
Gave actress-singer Julie London her only million selling hit in 1955. Her version can be found on the 1955 release "Julie Is Her Name, Vol. 1-2" (Capitol, 1992).
The track has been covered by numerous people such as Joe Cocker, Barbara Streisand, Joan Baez, etc.


I'm Down
From the album: "Permanent Vacation"
Composed by John Lennon and Paul McCartney (1965)
At song was the B-side of the Beatles's 1965 No1, Help. It can be found on the Beatles Anthology 2 (1996, Capitol/EMI).
It was a song the Beatles would end their performances with in the mid-60s and Aerosmith did likewise during shows including the song on the Permanent Vacation tour.


Come Together
From the album: "Live! Bootleg" and "Greatest Hits".
Composed by John Lennon and Paul McCartney (1969)
A song recorded by the Beatles and is on their Abbey Road album (released Sept. 69 on Apple and No.1 in USA and UK). It was the B-side of the Beatles' single "Something" (released Oct. 69, UK: No.4 and USA: No3).
Aerosmith appeared in the Robert Stigwood movie based on the Beatles' "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" as the notorious Future Villian Band. The band recorded "Come Together" with producer George Martin as part of the movie's soundtrack.


I Ain't Got You
From the album: "Live! Bootleg"
Composed by Chris Carter
Influential blues harpist and performer, Jimmy Reed recorded the song in the 1950s ("Best of Jimmy Reed", 1977 on GNP) as did blues harmonicist, Billy Boy Arnold (available on "I Wish You Would" on Charly)
Appeared on the B-side of Yardbird's single released in Aug 64 when Eric Clapton was in the band and also appeared on numerous Yardbird's albums including the BBC Session CDs ("Yardbirds...On Air" and "Live at The BBC", - track recorded in March 65).
Jimmy Page jammed with Aerosmith on this track at The Marquee, London, UK in 1990.


Mother Popcorn
From the album: "Live! Bootleg"
Composed by James Brown and Alfred Ellis (1969)
The full title of the song is Mother Popcorn (You Got to Have a Mother for Me). This Brown song was initially released in the USA, as a single (parts 1 and 2, July 69, No.11) and appeared on the album "Its a Mother" (Oct 69, King, No.26 in the USA). Alfred Ellis was the guitarist in Brown's band, The Fabulous Flames. The track also appears on James Brown's "20 All-Time Greatest Hits!" (Oct 91 on Polydor).
A song also covered by The Blues Brothers.
Aerosmith reintroduced the number in the set in 90s, combining it into a medley that leads in Walk This Way.


Helter Skelter
From the album: "Pandora's Box"
Composed by John Lennon and Paul McCartney (1968)
Appeared originally on the album "The Beatles, a.k.a "The White Album" (Nov 68 on Apple, No.1).
In 1976/77, the track used to played as a medley within "Train Kept A Rollin'" although they did open a set with it, in London in 1976.


All Your Love
From the album: "Pandora's Box"
Composed by Otis Rush. late 1950s.
The song was recorded by Otis Rush during his debut blues recording period for the Cobra label during 1956-1958 (refer to "Cobra Recordings, 1956-1958", released in 1988 on Paula/Flyright).
A track played in the early days when starting out. Aerosmith played the track live with Ry Cooder in July 1993 in LA.


Love Me Two Times
From the album: "Air America" soundtrack (1990)
Composed by The Doors (1990)
Appeared on the Door's "Strange Days" album (Nov 67, Elektra, USA: No.3) and released as a single in Dec 67 where it reached No.25 (USA).
Aerosmith also performed the track as part of the MTV Unplugged session in Aug 90, but it was never broadcast.


Rocking Pneumonia and The Boogie Woogie Flu
From the album: "Less Than Zero" soundtrack (1987) and "Box of Fire" bonus disc.
Composed by Huey "Piano" Smith (1957)
The track was a million selling single for Smith and his band The Clowns and can be found on "More New Orleans Party Classics" (1999).
The track was also covered by The Crickets in 1961 on their "In Style With the Crickets" album (on Coral).


(in addition to the above)

(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66
Composed by: Bobby Troup
  Troup's version of the song can be heard on "In a Class Beyond Compare" (on Audiophile). The song was given the Rolling Stones treatment when it appeared on their debut album, "The Rolling Stones" in April 1964.
Bobby Troup is married to Julie London (of "Cry Me A River" fame).
A song played at the first Aerosmith concert and during that period.


Rattlesnake Shake
Oh Well
Composed by: Peter Green
The tracks appeared on the Sept 69 Fleetwood Mac album "Then Play On" (on Reprise).

"Oh Well" was a single which reached No.2 in the UK (released Sep 69) and No55 in USA.

Rattlesnake Shake was the song that won the day when Steven Tallerico came to see The Jam Band play in 1970. It opened the set for Aerosmith's first concert and has since made the odd appearances over the years including the Mama Kins club gig of Dec 94. Rats In The Cellar owes a lot to this track.
A short section of "Oh Well" has from time to time been added at the start of Sweet Emotion.

Note: The "Pandora's Box" booklet incorrectly credits this song to Gilmore and Griffith.


Johnny B. Goode
Composed by: Chuck Berry
Performed by Aerosmith at the Florida World Music Festival in 1979 (Orlando, FL April 14 , 1979). The number played as an encore feature Ted Nugent on guitar.


Born Under A Bad Sign
Composed by: William Bell/Booker T. Jones

 A blues classic initially made famous by blues guitarist Albert Lee but covered by numerous top guitarists.

A short rendition of this was performed at the Nijmegan concert in June 1994 when the band returned for encores .


Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
Composed by Jeff Beck and John McCarty?
Appeared on the 1966 self titled album, "The Yardbirds" (Columbia) in the UK (No.20) which was released in the USA as "Over Under Sideways Down" (Epic, No.52). The album was reissued under the title "Roger The Engineer" in 1983 (Edsel). The song was also released as a single in late '66 (UK: No.43, USA: No.30)
A song played at the first Aerosmith concert and during that period.


Live With Me
Composed by: Keith Richards and Mick Jagger
From the classic Rolling Stones album, "Let It Bleed", released Nov 69 (Decca/London, UK: No.1, USA: No.3).
A song played at the first Aerosmith concert and during that period.


Great Balls of Fire
Composed by Otis Blackwell and J. Hammer
Otis Blackwell was one of the greatest Rock and Roll songwriters, penning hits for Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Cliff Richard, Peggy Lee etc (see "All Shook Up", 1977 for a his version of this song).
A monster hit immortalised by Jerry Lee Lewis in late 1957 (UK: No1, USA: No.2). First appeared on the album "Jerry Lee Lewis Vol.2" (March 62 on London, UK: No14) and later on numerous Lewis compliations.
One of those songs played live at millions of concerts when bands want to get down to grass roots rock'n'roll and turns up on numerous live albums.
A song played at the first Aerosmith concert and during that period.


Good Times Bad Times
Dazed And Confused
Communication Breakdown
Composed by John Bonham, John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page except "Dazed and Confused" by Jimmy Page.
Originally appeared on the first Led Zeppelin album in January 1969 (on Atlantic: UK, No.6, USA: No.10). "Good Times Bad Times" was released as a single b/w "Communication Breakdown" in USA in March 1969 and made No.80.
"Good Times Bad Times" was a song played at the first Aerosmith concert and during that period.

A segment of "Dazed and Confused" was interwoven into the guitar solos of "Sweet Emotion" during 1990s.

Communication Breakdown was played as a segment in Sweet Emotion in Cologne, Germany (24 June 99)


Rice Pudding (1969)
Composed by Jeff Beck, Hopkins, Ron Wood, Newman
Last track on Jeff Beck's "Beck-Ola" album released June 1969 

It was played as a short instrumental during part of Aerosmith's summer tour of Europe in 1999.



Peter Gunn Theme (1959)
Composed by Henry Mancini
"Peter Gunn" , a theme from a TV series, appeared on a number of soundtrack albums in 1959 (see Music from "Peter Gunn", 1959, RCA). A number of people scored single successes with the song in 1959: Ray Anthony (USA, No.8) and Duane Eddy (UK: No.6. USA: No27).
A song played at the first Aerosmith concert and during that period.

Over the years, "Peter Gunn" has popped up in Aerosmith sets as part of a medley in a song, ie "Sweet Emotion" except in 1976/77, "Train Kept A Rollin"


Hit The Road Jack
Composed by Percy Mayfield
This song was made famous by Ray Charles, topping the US Charts in 1961 (UK: No6, USA: No1, Sept 61)
Played as a segway into Milk Cow Blues (Merriville,IN  Jan 11 1985)


Honky Tonk Woman
Composed by Keith Richard and Mick Jagger
Massive hit single for the Rolling Stones in 1969 (UK,USA: No1 on Decca/London, Jul 69) and on album, it first appeared on the Stones' live LP in Sep 70 called "Get Yer Ya's Out" (recorded Nov '69 in NY, UK: No.1, USA: No.6).
Played in the early years in the Aerosmith set (1970). Has made odd full appearances since (eg Syracuse, Aug 86, Dallas, Sep 01) but tends to be inserted as a medley in "Draw The Line" (1990s).


Shapes of Things
Composed by: Jim McCarty, Paul Samwell Smith and Kelf Relf
An early 1966 single for the Yardbirds (UK:No3, USA: No11 with Eric Clapton on guitar) that appeared on the first USA album "For Your Love" (Jul 65, No.96) and also "Greatest Hits" (Charly, 1967, USA: No.28)
Played in the early years in the Aerosmith set (1970).


Cold Turkey
Composed by John Lennon
During Beatles inactivity, Lennon worked with Yoko Ono and later formed the Plastic Ono Band which this song was a hit for (Oct 69, UK: No14, USA: No30, on Apple). It appeared on the band's "Live Peace in Toronto 1969 (live) " album which had Clapton guesting on guitar (USA: No.10) and later on Lennon's "Sometime in New York City/Live Jam" (Jun 72, Capitol, UK: No.11, USA: No48)
Played in the early years in the Aerosmith set (1970).


I'm Not Talkin'
Composed by Mose Allison
Allsion was a fine jazz/blues lyricist and instrumentalist. A rendition of his song can be found on "Allison Wonderland: Anthology"(on Rhino, 1989).

Appeared on the B-side of the US version of the Yardbird's "For Your Love" single (May 65, No.6). On album, it appeared on many post-Yardbird's releases such as those involving the BBC sessions

Made odd appearances in the Aerosmith set including Mama Kins, Dec 94.


Stop Messin' Around
Composed by: Peter Green
Appeared orginally on the B-side of a Fleetwood Mac single in July 1969 (UK: No31) and was the opening track on the "Mr Wonderful" album (on Blue Horizon, Aug 68, UK: No.31)
A track Joe Perry sung vocals on during Get A Grip and Nine Lives tour.


Heartbreak Hotel
Composed by Mae Boren Axton, Tony Durden and Elvis Presley
Elvis's first big hit, released March 56 (HMV/UK: No2, RCA/USA: No1) with the track featuring in his 1956 feature film "Love Me Tender". On album, the track appeared on the OST of "Heartbreak Hotel" (RCA, 1956) and "Elvis Golden Records" (1958, RCA, USA: No3).
A track Joe Perry would sing during his early Joe Perry Project days. It was sung by Perry during an Aerosmith concert at Alpine Valley, 97, on the 20th anniversary of Presley's death.


She Cried
Composed by: Daryll/Richards
1962 USA hit (No,5) for New York's Jay And The Americans. Appears on their "Greatest Hits" album (EMI, 1988).
Segment has been sung at the start of "Livin' of The Edge"


Immigrant Song
Composed by: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant.
Opening track of the "Led Zeppelin III" album (Atlantic, Oct, 1970, No.1). Released as a single in the USA (Nov 70, No.16).
Made a few rare appearances at special Aerosmith concerts: Marquee 1990 with Jimmy Page and Boston club gigs in 1995. Played on the Just Push Play tour at Cleveland, OH.


Composed by Led Zeppelin (Page/Plant/Bonham/Jones)
A track on the classic Zeppelin albun, "Led Zeppelin II" (Atlantic, Oct 69, No.1).
Segment started to appear in the guitar solos of "Sweet Emotion" during later part of "Nine Lives " tour.


In My Time Of Dying
Composed by Led Zeppelin (Page/Plant/Bonham/Jones)
From the Led Zeppelin album "Physical Grafitti" (Feb 75, Swan Song, No.1)
Joe has played a small section during the guitar jam before "Monkey On My Back" (eg Paris 1997) and odd occasions before "Lick And A Promise"(1998).


Red House
Composed by: Jimi Hendrix
A track on the Jimi Hendrix album, "Are You Experienced" (May 67, Polydor/UK: No.2, Reprise/USA: No. 5).
Sung by Perry during the "Done With Mirrors" tour and made odd appearances since. Original sung during his Project days. Another track from this album played by Perry in his Project days was "Manic Depression".


Little Wing
Composed by: Jimi Hendrix
A track on the Jimi Hendrix's second album, "Axis: Bold as Love" (Dec 67, Polydor/UK: No.5, Reprise/USA: No. 3).
Sung by Perry at Champaign, IL on Dec 11, 1998; playing a 3 minute rendition.


Mannish Boy
Composed by: Muddy Waters
Released in USA as a single in 1955, it was Water's reply to Bob Diddley "I'm A Man". Appeared in the UK on the "Mississippi Blues" EP (Oct 56, on London).

It seemed to first appear on album on "The Real Folk Blues" (Jan 66, Chess).

Occasionally sung by Joe Perry, especially on the "Get A Grip" tour.


Hot Pants (She Got To Use What She Got, To Get What She Wants)
Composed by: James Brown
A James Brown single (parts 1 and 2), released in July 71 (Polydor, USA: No.15). The album "Hot Pants" was released a couple of months later (USA: No.22)
During 1994, part of the song was used before launching into "Walk This Way"


Smokestack Lightning
Composed by: Howling Wolf.
Released initially on a Howling Wolf EP called "Smokestack Lightning" in Nov 63 (Pye/Chess) and then as a single in March 64 (UK: No42). Appeared on a Feb 65 compilation album on Chess called "Moanin' In The Moonlight".
Another song covered by the Yardbirds appearing on their first UK album, "Five Live Yardbirds" (Feb 65, Columbia)
A song played by Aerosmith in the session for MTV Unplugged in Aug 1990 but never broadcast.


Blue Christmas
Composed by: Billy Hayes and Jay Johnson
A USA hit for Russ Morgan in 1949 (No.11). Elvis Presley scored a UK hit with it in 1964 (No.11) taken from his 1957 "Elvis's Christmas album"(Nov 57 RCA, USA, No.1).
Aerosmith started incorporating the tune into the tail end of "Sweet Emotion" during the festive periods of their "Nine Lives" tour. Joe Perry recorded the tune on an album called "Merry Axemas (Nov 97, Epic).


Looking For A Love
Composed by: Samuels and Alexander
Released by The Valentinos (Womack Brothers) in July 62 in USA (S.A.R. No.72). The number was re-recorded by Bobby Womack for his "Looking For Love A Love Again" in Dec 73 (United Artists) and the song released as a single in Feb 74 making the No.10 (USA).
In the meantime, The J Geils Band recorded it for their second album "The Morning After" (Atlantic, Jan 72, USA: No64) and released the track as a single in Dec 71 where it made No.33.
Aerosmith played it at a Pittsburgh, PA concert in Feb 94.


Proud Mary
Composed by: John Fogerty.
Creedence Clearwater Revival's first global hit single (Liberty/UK: No.8, Fantasy/USA: No.2) in 1969. It appeared on their "Bayou Country" album (Feb 69, USA; June 69, UK).
Covered by Ike and Tina Turner in 1971 (USA No.4).
Played in a Draw the Line medley (Hiroshima, Japan, 1994).


Love In Vain
Composed by: Robert Johnson
The Rolling Stones covered it on their "Let It Bleed" album (Decca/London, Nov 69, UK: No.1, USA: No.3)
Played in part in USA on the Nine Lives and Just Push Play tours.


Steppin' Out
Composed by: L F Frazier
The tune covered by John  Mayall's Bluebreakers and Eric Clapton. It appeared on the Bluesbreakers album "Joh Mayall with Eric Clapton" in 1966 (UK: No6). The album also featured Otis Rush's "All Your Love"; both of these tunes were played by Aerosmith at Columbus OH (16 Sep 2002).
Aerosmith first knowingly played "Steppin Out" during an Osaka soundcheck (27 Jan 2002) where son Jesse Kramer played instead of an ill Joey.




Draw The Line
From the album: "Draw The Line"
Covered by: Testament
One of the unreleased tracks that appeared on Testament's best of album, "Signs of Chaos: The Best of Testament" (Nov 97, on mayhem).


Dream On
From the album: "Aerosmith"
Covered by: Mission
First appeared on Mission's "Tower of Strength" single (Jan 88, 12", UK: No. 12). The track was added to the American version of the "Children" album (Atlantic, March 88, UK: No.2). In the USA, the band are known as Mission U.K. to differentiate them from an American band of the same name. The album was produced by ex-Zeppelin bas player, John Paul Jones.


Dream On
From the album: "The Eninem Show"
Sampled by Eminem
Track 12 on Eminem's "The Eminem Show" album (June 2002. UK: No1) is "Sing For the Moment" (Bass/King/ Mathers/Resto/Tyler - 5:39) which samples Aerosmith's "Dream On" track.
The CD details "Recording of Joe Perry's Guitar by Marti Frederiksen; Guitar Solo by "Joe Perry of Aerosmith...contains elements of Dream On (S.Tyler). Used by Permission".


From the album: Get A Grip
Covered by: Garth Brooks
Country star, Brooks rewrote some of the lyrics for his cover of "Fever" which appears on his "Fresh Horses" album (Nov 95, Capitol Nashville). On the credits for the song are Kenedy/ Perry/Roberts/Tyler. A live version appears on "Double Live" (Nov 98).


Lord of the Thighs
From the album: Get Your Wings
Covered by: The Breeders
The third track on the the "Cannonball" EP release (1993, Elektra).


Mama Kin
From the album: Aerosmith
Covered by: Guns 'N' Roses
The first release from Guns 'N' Roses was a 7-inch EP called "Live ?!*' Like A Suicide" and the opening track was "Mama Kin" (March 86, Uzi Suicide).

It reappeared on the live album "G 'N' R Lies" (Dec 88, Geffen, UK: No.22, USA: No.2); again the opening track.


Mama Kin
From the album: "Aerosmith"
Covered by: Soul Receptacles
  Appeared on their internet album released in 1996 called the "Soul Receptacles".


Nobody's Fault
From the album: "Rocks"
Covered by: Testament
Testament recorded two different versions of this track.

The first appeared on the B-side of their On the B-side of their "Trial by Fire" single (April 88 on Megaforce records, 12" vinyl and cassette single).

Another version appeared on their May 88 album, "The New Order", (UK: No.88).

A video for the song can also be found on a Testement video release called "Seen Between The Lines" (June 91).


Nobody's Fault
From the album: "Rocks"
Covered by: Jackyl
The track appears on Jackyl's "Stayin' Alive" album (Nov 98 on Shimmering Tone). The album also includes covers of AC/DC and Lynyrd Skynyrd.


Nobody's Fault
From the album: "Rocks"
Covered by: L A Guns
The "Rip The Covers Off" album  (May 5, 2004, Mascot Records (UK), Shrapnel Records (USA)) by  80's LA band, LA Guns features covers by Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Hanoi Rocks, Saxon, Foghat, Queen and others.
The Aerosmith track is the sixth track on this  11 track album (plus two bonus tracks).


Rats In The Cellar
From the album: "Rocks"
Covered by: Babylon A.D.
As with Testament, Babylon A.D. hail from the Bay Area in Calfornia. This "Rocks" favourite appears on their compilation of live tracks, "Live In Your Face" (Apocalypse Records, July 1999)


Same Old Song And Dance
From the album: Without Love
Covered by: Black 'N' Blue
Featured on their second album (last track, 11) which was produced by Bruce Fairburn and engineered by Jim Vallence.
Adam Bomb also guests on the album (1985, Geffen 24075, USA LP)


S.O.S. (Too Bad)
From the album: "Get You Wings"
Covered by: E.S.P.
Ex-Kiss drummer's band , ESP (Eric Singer Project), covered the track on the album "Lost and Spaced" (Oct 1998, Rock Hard Records).


Sweet Emotion
From the album: "Toys In The Attic"
Covered by: Mighty Mighty Bosstones
The Bosstomes released an untitled 5-track EP (but referred to an the "Mighty Mighty Bosstones EP") and covered "Sweet Emotion" with a couple of covers from other bands; Metallica and Van Halen.


Toys In The Attic  
From the album: "Get Your Wings"  
Covered by: R.E.M.  
Appeared on R.E.M.'s "Dead Letter Office" album of B-sides and rareties (May 87 on IRS).

Also appears on "In the Attic: Alternative Recordings 1985-1989" (Oct 97, Capitol)


Toys In The Attic
From the album: Toys In The Attic
Covered by:Metal Church
Metal Church reunited in 1999 resulting in the comeback album"Masterpiece" album (Nuclear Blast America, July 1999)


Walk This Way
From the album: "Toys In The Attic"
Covered by: String Cheese Incident
Covered on their live album "String Cheese Incident Live" (on Love Lights, Oct 97)


Walk This Way
From the album: "Toys In The Attic"
Covered by: Hank Williams Jr (country rocker)
Found on Williams' compilation album, "Bocephus Box: Hank Williams Jr. Collection '79-92" (1992, Capricorn)


Walk This Way
From the album: "Toys In The Attic"
Covered by: Run DMC
Rappers Run DMC remade this track with the aid of Tyler and Perry for the "Raising Hell" album (Jun 86, Profile, UK: No.41, USA: No.3). With an excellent song video, the track went on to be a big hit single (Aug 86, UK: No.8, USA: No4). The single also included an instrumental version of the track. A 1991 "Greatest Hits Together Forever 1983-1991" also includes this track.


NOTE: See also the Tribute Album section


Played Live but not recorded
LeAnn Rimes Cryin' 1998
Trigger Same Old Song And Dance late 1970s
Ted Nugent * Rag Doll 1999
Train Dream On MTV Icons 2002
Phoenix, July 26, 2002
Kid Rock Mama Kin (part)/Last Child MTV Icons 2002
Sum 41, Nelly, Ja Rule Walk This Way (video reconstruction) MTV Icons 2002
Papa Roach Sweet Emotion MTV Icons 2002
Shakira Dude (Looks Like A Lady) MTV Icons 2002
Pink Janie's Got A Gun MTV Icons 2002


* Ted Nugent played this track on a tribute album with Derek St Holmes.


The appended songs listed in this section were written by other
songwriters but Aerosmith made them their own.


Chip Away The Stone
From the album: "Live Bootleg", "Gems"
Covered by: Joneses
The Richie Supa track is believed to be on the Joneses EP "Keepin' Up With the Joneses" that may have been released in 1974? (on Mercury) and thus would make it an earlier version than that recorded by Aerosmith.


Chip Away The Stone
From the album: "Live Bootleg","Gems"
Covered by: Humble Pie
Reformed Humble Pie covered the Richie Supa track on their last album "Go For The Throat" (June 81, Jet/Atco). Another Supa track, "Restless Blood" was also featured.


I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
From the album: Armegeddon
Covered by: Mark Chestnutt
Country star, Mark Chestnutt delivers a sexier version of this Diane Warren song which he uses to title his seventh album, "I Don't Want To Miss a Thing" (Feb 99, MCA)