External Ventures


This section covers appearances that members of the band has made on other people's albums or when they weren't in Aerosmith.

Chain Reaction:  1st single
Released: 1968?
Label: Date Records 2-1538 JZSP 116564
Features: Steven Tallarico/Tyler (drums/vocals)
The Sun (B.Shapiro/ S.Tallarico/D. Solomon/A.Strohmayer/P.Stahl)
b/w When I Need You
(B.Shapiro/ S.Tallarico/D. Solomon/A.Strohmayer/P.Stahl) 1:58

The first single released by Chain Reaction; one of Tyler's early bands (1966-1969).  The band was Peter Stahl (guitar), Alan Stromeyer (bass), Don Soloman (Keyboards), Steven Tallarico (drums/vocals) and J. Doe (Guitar)

The track "When I Need You" was included on CD/Tape 1 Of Aerosmith's box collection "Pandora's Box" released in 1991 (it lists the writer as just Tyler and is 2:34 long)). It was recorded at CBS Studios, New York City on Oct 5th, 1966.

"The Sun" was apparently recorded in 3 weeks whilst "When I Needed You" was done in 15 minutes. Produced by Richard Gottehrer.

Don Soloman was given song writing credits for two tracks that Aerosmith would later record ("Woman Of The World" and "You See Me Cryin'


Chain Reaction:  2nd Single
Released: 1968
Label: Verve/MGM Records VK-10611
Features: Steven Tyler (member of the band)
You Should Have Been Here Yesterday (Don Sloan - Peter Stahl)
b/w Ever Lovin' Man
(Don Sloan - Peter Stahl)
The second of two vinyl 45 singles released by Chain Reaction.

Produced by A.Schroeck and G. Radice




Martin Mull - "Days Of Wine And Neuroses"
Released: 1975
Label: Capricorn 0155 (USA, LP)
Features: Steven Tyler (backing vocals)
Track: Do The Dog
Martin Mull was best known for television roles on Roseanne and put out a series of comedy albums in the 1970s. This one contains a track called "Do the Dog" which has Steven Tyler singing backing vocals.

A comedy compilation album called "Mulling It Over: A Musical Oeuvre View of Martin Mull" was released on August 25, 1998 (Razor & Tie 82178, USA CD) and it contains the above track.


Artful Dodger - Babes on Broadway
Released: 1977
Label: Columbia 34846 (USA, LP)
Features: Steven Tyler (backing vocals)
Track: Alright
Album Cover Photo Note that the album cover is not "Babes on Broadway" but of their debut LP. Artful Dodger came from Farifax, Virginia and released four albums of which "Babes.." was their third. Steven Tyler sings backing vocals on the track "Alright" (Derek St Holmes also guested on the album).


1994 - "1994"
Released: 1978
Label: A&M 4709 (USA, LP)
Features: Brad Whitford (guitar)
Track: Heleana
1994's debut LP, which was produced by Jack Douglas, featured Brad Whitford on guitar on the track "Heleana". Vocalist Karen Lawrence guested on the "Draw The Line" LP, providing backing vocals on the track "Get It Up". During July, 1978, 1994 supported Aerosmith on a series of American dates on the "Draw The Line" tour. In the 1990's, Karen would link up with ex-Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufay in a band called Blue By Nature (produced by Jack Douglas, 2 albums to date).

Brad filled in on bass duties for "1994" during part of a tour (according to Kerrang).


David Johansen - "David Johansen"
Released: May 1978
Label: Razor & Tie 1990 (USA CD in 1994?) , Blue Sky PZ 34926 (USA, LP)
Blue Sky 82335 (UK,LP).
Features: Joe Perry (rhythm and lead guitar)
Tracks: Not The Much, and Cool Metro

Ex-vocalist of the New York Dolls, put out this debut solo LP in 1978 after the Dolls finally disbanded in late 1976. Doll's fan, Joe Perry, originally wanted to produce this album with Jack Douglas. Joe's 16-track home studio was used during recording sessions and Joe contributed guitar on "Not That Much" (rhythm) and "Cool Metro" (lead).

David's wife Cyrinda Fox eventually went off with Steven Tyler in 1978.

In 1977, Johnansen penned "Sight for Sore Eyes" on the album Draw The Line, with Perry, Tyler and Douglas.

In October, 1995, a David Johansen compilation was released called "From Pumps to Pompadour: The David Johansen Story" (Rhino 71877, USA CD). It contains the track Cool Metro.


Frankie Miller - "Double Trouble"
Released: 1978
Label: Chrysalis CHR 1174 (UK, LP)
Features: Steven Tyler (vocals, backing vocals and harmonica)
Tracks: Not listed
Frankie Miller's (Full House) second album listed contributions by Steven Tyler, Richie Supa and Karen Lawrence. Producer was Jack Douglas who co-wrote one of the tracks. Tyler is listed as contributing to vocals, backing vocals and harmonica.

This album was a follow-up to the 1977 "Full House" LP which yielded the UK top 30 hit, "Be Good To Yourself".

During this year, Aerosmith went on to record Supa's Chip Away The Stone.


KISS - "Gene Simmons"
Released: September 18, 1978. USA: No.22
Label: Casblanca 826239-2 (USA CD), NBLP 7120 (USA LP)
Features: Joe Perry (guitar)
Track: Radioactive
Gene Simmons' diverse KISS solo album from 1978 with a cast of stars contributing to it.
Joe Perry guests on "Radioactive" with Bob Seger. Radioactive was released as a single and had minor success reaching No.41 in the UK.
Whilst Perry did lay down some guitar for "Tunnel of Love" (and credited for work on the track) , neither his or nor Jeff Baxter's (Doobie Brothers) made it onto the final album and the guitar work is done by Richie Ranno (Starz).


Joe Perry Project - "Let The Music Do The Talkin'"
Released: March, 1980. USA No.47
Label: Columbia CK36388 (USA, CD), 36888 (USA, LP). CBS 84213 (UK, LP)
Features: Joe Perry (lead and backing vocals, guitars, bass synth, songwriter)
Track: All
Leber-Krebs Management officially announced on October 10, 1979, Joe Perry would leave Aerosmith with a solo LP planned for January 1980. On November 16th, 1979, the Joe Perry Project played its first gig with "Life at a Glance" being the only new product played.
The Project was Ralph Mormon (ex-Bux) on vocals, David Hull (ex-Dirty Angels) on bass and Ronnie Stewart on drums.
The title track was a song Joe took with him from the Ruts sessions and its ironic that 15 years later, it would get another lease of life with new lyrics on the album "Done With Mirrors" by the reformed Aerosmith. The album was co-produced by Jack Douglas and Joe Perry, with Joe handling lead vocals on four tracks. Most of the tracks were penned by Perry with band members chipping in on a few others.
The album also saw David Hull and Joe playing bass synthesizer on the album.


Joe Perry Project -"I've Got the Rock'n'Rolls Again"
Released: June, 1981
Label: Columbia CK-37364 (USA, CD), 37374 (USA, LP)
Features: Joe Perry (lead and backing vocals, guitars, songwriter)
Track: All
Initialially the album was tenatively slated to be called Soldier of Fortune. This saw the introduction of Charlie Farren on vocals and rhythm guitar (Ralph Mormon had been fired at the end of the first tour and J. Mala (from Revolver) only survived 3 gigs).

Songwriting contributions came from across the band, with Joe only writing 2 solo compositions and writing 4 other songs with Farren. Both Farren and Hull came up with solo contributions. Joe cut back on vocal duties, only singing on the tracks he wrote by himself ("South Station Blues" and "Solder of Fortune"). Productions was left to Bruce Botnick who had worked with the Doors.


Whitford-St Holmes - "Whitford-St Holmes"
Released: August, 1981
Label: Columbia, AL 37365 (USA. LP) , CK66986 (USA, CD: 1995)
Features: Brad Whitford (guitars, songwriter)
Track: All
Brad Whitford (lead gtr) worked with ex-Ted Nugent man Derek St Holmes (rhythm gtr) as both were inbetween albums during a period of inactivity in 1980. David Krebs got them a record deal with Columbia after a 4 track demo. With Steve Pace and Dave Hewitt, they cut an album's worth of tracks in 2 weeks in Atlanta with Brad co-writing 4 of the tracks with St. Holmes ("Sharpshooter" appears on Pandora's Box).

After a short tour, the project fell apart as St Holmes was tempted back by Nugent and Brad decided not to return to Aerosmith and later went on the road with the Joe Perry Project in 1982. Steve Pace joined Krokus in 1982 for one album.


Rex Smith - "Camouflage"
Released: 1983
Label: CBS 25343 (UK, LP)
Features: Brad Whitford (guitar, songwriter)
Track: Not listed
This was Rex Smith's six album and has Brad Whitford guesting on guitar from sessions done in 1982. This album includes a track called "In the Heat of the Night" that was later used as a TV cop series theme tune. The last track on side one, "Get It Right" lists Brad as a co-writer.

Rex Smith came on the scene in 1976 in a band called Rex, who were signed up under Leber and Krebs Management.


Joe Perry Project - "Once a Rocker, Always a Rocker"
Released: September, 1983
Label: MCA: 5446 (USA,LP), MCAD-11028 (USA, CD), MCF 3205 (UK, LP)
Features: Joe Perry (guitar, backing vocals, 6 string bass, songwriter)
Track: All
It was all change for the final instalment of the Project including record label and management. The new band consisted of ex-Thundertrain vocalist Cowboy Mach Bell, Danny Hargrove on bass and Joe Pet on drums. The album cover portrayed a sort of glam image and the album included a cover of T.REX's "Bang A Gong/Get It On".

Perry and Bell virtually co-wrote all the tunes, with Black Velvet Pants being Perry's only solo composition. Joe relinquishesd all vocal duties but took on production. "King of The Kings" has Joe playing 6 string bass.

Collins/Barrasso took over direction after extracating themselves from Leber-Krebs.


Lines - "Dirty Water"
Released: 1984
Label: Sideman 15002B (USA LP)
Features: Joe Perry (guitar)
Track: Dirty Water
Joe Perry plays on the opening title track of the album, "Dirty Water". The album was recorded in January, 1984, whilst Joe was in his Project days.


Run DMC - "Raising Hell"
Released: June, 1986. UK: No.41, USA: No.3
Label: Profile PRO-1217 (USA,LP), Profile PCD-1217 (USA, CD); London LONLP21 (UK, LP), Profile PCD 1217 (CD, UK 92). London 8280182 (UK ,CD)
Features: Steven Tyler (vocals, songwriter), Joe Perry (guitar, songwriter)
Track: Walk This Way
Run DMC's triple platinium third album is still their most successful to date and included an inspired remake of Aerosmith's "Walk This Way" which featured additional vocals and guitar from Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. "Walk This Way", supported by an excellent video, became a top 10 hit single (Aug 86) on both sides of the Atlantic and helped Aerosmith relaunch their career after Done With Mirrors failed to the return the band to former glories.

Album producer, Rick Rubin, was earmarked to produce Aerosmith's next album and worked with the band in February 1987. Unfortunately Rubin's other projects and packed schedule didn't allow this partnership to continue and Bruce Fairburn took over the reins.


Alice Cooper - "Trash"
Released: July 25, 1989. UK: No.2, USA: No.20
Label: Epic, EPC 465130 2 (UK, CD), EK-45137 (USA, CD), OE45137 (USA, LP)
Features: Steven Tyler (additional vocals), Joe Perry (additional guitar), Tom Hamilton (bass), Joey Kramer (drums)
Tracks: Only My Heart Talkin' (ST), House On Fire (JP), Trash (TH, JK)

Everyone except Brad appears on Trash, which after more than a decade, saw fame and fortune return for Alice Cooper (with the top 10 single "Poison"). Bon Jovi producer, Desmond Child teamed up with Alice to produce and co-write a majority of the tracks. Aerosmith also began using Desmond Child as a songwriter from Permanent Vacation onwards (with him contributing on Heart's Done Time, Angel and Dude (Looks Like A Lady)). At the time of this LP, he had worked on What It Takes and F.I.N.E on the Pump album.

In early 1984, it was rumoured that Joe Perry was close to folding the Joe Perry Project and joining Alice Cooper's band. Six tracks were penned between Joe and Alice but never saw light of day.

Steven Tyler: additional vocals on "Only My Heart Talkin'"
Joe Perry: additional guitar on "House on Fire"
Tom Hamilton (bass) and Joey Kramer (drums) on "Trash"

The compilation album, "Classicks", released August 22, 1995 (Sony 67219 USA CD) contains the track "House on Fire".


Motley Crue - "Dr Feelgood"
Released: Sept 1989. UK: No.4, USA: No.1
Label: Elektra, 60829 (CD, USA), 9608292 (CD, UK), EKT 59 (UK, LP)
Features: Steven Tyler (backing vocals)
Track: Sticky Sweet
Whilst Aerosmith were recording Pump at the Little Mountain Studios in Vancouver with Bruce Fairburn, Motley Crue were in the next studio recording this album with producer Bob Rock.

Steven Tyler added backing vocals on track, "Sticky Sweet".

Another credit on the LP thanks Steven for giving a "Slice of Your Pie" a kick in the ass.


The Left Banke - "There's Gonna Be A Storm: The Complete Recordings 1966-1969"
Released: May 5, 1992
Label: Mercury 848095-2 (USA, CD)
Features: Steven Tyler (backing vocals and tambourine)
Tracks: Dark In The Bark, My Friend Today, Nice to See You
The definitive CD compilation of New York's Left Banke. It contains the entirety of their two late-'60s albums, "Walk Away Renee/Pretty Ballerina" (1967) and "The Left Banke, Too" (1968); although not in album track order.. They are best remembered for their two hits, "Walk Away Renee" (No.5) and "Pretty Ballerina" (No.15).

On "The Left Banke, Too", a young 20 year old Steven Talarico added backing vocals to "Dark In The Bark" ,"My Friend Today" and "Nice To See You" (May '68). "Dark In The Bark" b/w "My Friend Today" was a single released in June 1968 but did not chart. Steven is also credited with playing tambourine on "Dark In The Bark".

"The "Left Banke, Too" album was released in November 1968 on Smash SRS-67113 (USA LP - later appeared on CD, PolyGram 848095).


Chicago - "Night and Day: Big Band"
Released: May 23, 1995
Label: Giant 24615 (USA, CD)
Features: Joe Perry (guitar)
Track: Blues In The Night
This album project saw Chicago tackle various swing band classics, with the aid of producer, Bruce Fairburn. Joe Perry played guitar on "Blues in the Night", a Johnny Mercer track.


Kerouac: Kicks Joy Darkness
Released: April 8, 1997
Features: Steven Tyler (spoken word)
Track: Dream: Us Kids Swim Off a Gray Pier...
Spoken poems, letters and novel extracts of Jack Kerouac over music. Readers range from contemporaries, poet-rockers and rock stars, including Patti Smith, Michael Stipe, Eddie Vedder and Steven Tyler.

Steven recites a selection called "Dream: Us kids Swim Off a Gray Pier..." where he reads over his own backing vocals.


Mary Me Jane - "Tick"
Released: August 26, 1997.
Label: Sony Music, BK 67921 (USA, CD)
Features: Steven Tyler (additional vocals and party noises)
Track: I'm That Bad
Steven Tyler appears on this second album by New York based band , Marry Me Jane, who supported Aerosmith during part of a Nine Lives USA concert leg (Sept/ Oct 1997).

Steven Tyler: additional vocals on "I'm That Bad" and also provides party noises in the background.


"Merry Axemas - A Guitar Christmas"
Released: October 14, 1997
Label: Epic
Features: Joe Perry (guitar)
Track: Blue Christmas
An album put together by Steve Vai of guitar friends ripping into traditional Christmas tunes. Vai is joined on the album by Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, Alex Lifeson, Richie Sambora, Joe Perry and others. Joe plays two versions of "Blue Christmas": a slow version and a "Joe" version (faster).

During the Christmas period of 1997 on the Nine Lives tour, Joe worked "Blue Christmas" into "Sweet Emotion".


Ringo Starr - "Vertical Man"
Released: June 16, 1998
Label: Mercury 558400 (USA, CD)
Features: Steven Tyler (background vocals, drums, harp)
Track: La De Da, Mine Field, I Was Walking, Drift Away, Love Me Do
Ringo's 1998 solo LP was released just before the Armegeddon film premiered. It featured people on it such as Ozzy Osbourne, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Joe Walsh, Alanis Morrisette, Brian Wilson, Steve Tyler etc and was produced by Mark Hudson (co-writer of "Livin' on the Edge")

Tyler appeared on the following tracks:
"La De Da" : backing vocals. With Paul McCartney & Joe Walsh
"Mine Field" : backing vocals. With Alanis Morrisette & Joe Walsh
"I Was Walking" : backing vocals. With Paul McCartney and Alanis Morrisette
"Drift Away" : drums . With Alanis Morrisette.
"Love Me Do" : harp


MTV reported in late June, 1998 (from Variety magazine) , that just prior to release of this album, Steven's vocals were erased from the track "Drift Away" and replaced by those of Tom Petty. The reason given was that Sony Music did not want the track to compete with the forthcoming Armageddon Soundtrack release which included two new Aerosmith tunes.

A limited edition promo of "Vertical Man" (about 1000 printed) exists that includes a verse sung by Tyler on " Drift Away".


Richie Sambora - "Undiscovered Soul"
Released: March 3, 1998 (originally due out Feb 23, 1998)
Label: Mercury 536972 (USA, CD)
Features: Steven Tyler (harmonica)
Track: If God Was A Woman
Bon Jovi lead guitarists's 2nd solo LP after a break of 7 years since "Stranger in this Town". Richie Supa co-writes 9 of the 12 tracks with Sambora, whilst one track is co-written between Sambora and Frederiksen ( the latter, a co-writer on Nine Lives).

Steven Tyler plays harmonica on "If God Was a Woman".


Ringo Starr: I Wanna Be Santa Claus
Released: October 19, 1999
Label: Mercury: 314 546668 2
Features: Joe Perry (electric guitar)
Track: Christmas Time Is Here Again, Pax Um Biscum (Peace Be With You)
This 1999 Ringo Starr Christmas album was produced by Ringo Starr and Mark Hudson; the latter who also mixed, engineered and was a writer and musician on the album. Another co-writer is Steve Dudas ("Just Push Play", "The Farm").

Some of the material was recorded at Joe Perry's Boneyard studios in Boston, MA (credit on album for Mark Hudsonsayed thanks to "Joe Perry and his Beautiful Family".

Joe Perry plays guitar on albums last track, "Pax Um Biscum (Peace Be With You)" and also provides the guitar solo on the old Beatles tune, "Christmas Time Is Here Again".


Sesame Street's Elmopalooza!
Released: March 3, 1998
Label: Sony Wonder LK 63432 (USA, CD)
Features: Steven Tyler (vocals)
Track: I Love Trash
An album marking 30 years of Sesame Street and included performances by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Gloria Estefan, Fugees, Celine Dion and Steven Tyler. Steven Tyler sings "I Love Trash" with the track produced by Mark Hudson.


Bob Marley: Chant Down Babylon
Released: November 16, 1999
Label: Island
Features: Steven Tyler (vocals), Joe Perry (guitar)
Track: Roots, Rock and Reggae
A Bob Marley tribute album produced by Stephen Marley. Through the aid of modern technology the album introduces vocals by Bob Marley on new recorded tracks (like with some recent new songs by the Beatles). An early title for the album was Black Survivors.

Tyler and Perry appear on the album track "Roots, Rock and Reggae" (track 10)


Yankee Grey: Untamed
Released: September 21, 1999
Label: Monument Records
Features: Joe Perry (slide guitar)
Track: Tell Me Something I Don't Know
Perry's connection with country band Yankee Grey is that keyboard player Jerry Hughes, is Billie Perry's cousin. Jerry introduced Joe Perry to the band and they invited him to perform on their first album which Perry accepted.

Info detailed by Matt Basford (Yankee Grey guitarist)


Sound Kings: Irony, Luck and Clean Living
Released: March 2001
Label: Independent (www.soundkings.com)
Features: Joe Perry (guitar)
Track: Invisible
The Sound Kings are a 4 piece pop band from Boston. Originally the track was released in MP3 format on MP3.com in March,2000 and later appeared on the CD single "Growing Up with an Invisible Friend" (May 2000)


Mob Story: A Hip Hopera
Released: December, 2000
Label: Available online - www.amobstory.com
Features: Steven Tyler (vocals), Joe Perry (guitar)
Track: Breaking These Chains
A Jack Douglas co-production (with Scott Kassel and Brian Hardgroove) detailing about a mob story done through rap.

The album also features ex-Aerosmith guitar player and Douglas friend, Rick Dufay.


Original Soundtrack: Titan A.E.
Released: June 6, 2000
Label: Capitol/EMI Records
Features: Steven Tyler (vocals)
Track: Over My Head
The Lit track featuring Steven Tyler appears on this animation space movie which also featured music by Fun Lovin' Criminals, Texas and Jamiroquai.

The track was released as a single (Sept 12, 2000)


Released: October 16th, 2001
Label: RCA
Features: Steven Tyler (vocals)
Track: Over My Head (3:40)
The Atomic album was produced by Glen Ballard who worked with Aerosmith on the Nine Lives album (1996). "Over My Head" is the last track on the album (13th).



Carole King: Love Makes The World
Released:  September 25,2001
Label: Rockingdale Records
Features: Steven Tyler (backing vocals)
Tracks: Monday Without You
The 12 track album featured various guests such as Babyface, Celine Dion, Steven Tyler and K.D. Lang.

"Monday Without You", track 8, is co-written by Aerosmith friend/songwriter Mark Hudson (along with King and Paul Brady) and was recorded in New York City in August, 2000. Hudson was involved in co-writing two other songs on the album.


Mick Jagger: Goddess In The Doorway
Released: November 20, 2001
Label: Virgin
Features: Joe Perry (guitar)
Tracks: Everybody's Getting High, Too Far Gone
Under the watchful eye of Marti Frederiksen at Joe's Boneyard Studio, Joe added guitar tracks to a couple songs. Frederiksen also contributes guitar on "Everybody's Getting High" and plays acotsic guitar on "Too Far Gone".

Marti Frederiksen co-produced with Jagger, five of the songs on the album and also played guitar, bass, drums and sang backing vocals on the various tracks.


Pink: Misundaztood
Released: November 20, 2001
Label: Arista
Features: Steven Tyler (vocals)
Tracks: Misery
Second album from R&B/Pop Diva Pink, who hails from Philadelphia. "Misery" is track 8 on the album and also features Bon Jovi guitarist, Richie Sambora. It was written by close Aerosmith friend, Richie Supa.


The Neighborhoods - "The Neighborhoods"
a.k.a. "Hoodwinked"
Released: August 1991 USA
Label: Third Stone 91823-2 (USA, CD) EMER 9462 (LP)
Features: Brad Whitford (Producer, backing vocals, lead guitar, keyboards)
Prior to working on the Pump album, Brad Whitford took his first professional crack at music production by producing the Boston Power Pop band, The Neighborhoods in February 1989 (album details "Produced by: Brad Whitford with Phil Greene and the "Hoods"". Phil Greene was the album's engineer).

The album lists Brad Whitford in Additional Musicians section for backing vocals and second guitar solo in "Love Holiday" and keyboards on "Prettiest Woman".

This was the fourth album by the band (first on a major label) and was a collection of previously released tunes (on indie labels) and new tunes.

A deal for the release of the album in the UK was secured in 1990, and the album was released on Emergo (EM9462-2 Pinnacle) in November 1990 under the title "Hoodwinked". The track listing was also slightly different and included a cover of "Southern Girls" (from Cheap Trick's "In Color" album).

The Neighborhoods made one further album in 1992 and guitarist/vocalist, Dave Minehan, went on to form the Stardarts. Recently (early 99) he produced the debut LP by New England band, Chapter and Verse.
Minehan played with Aerosmith (rhythm guitar) on the Japanese Get A Grip Tour in 1994 (couples of dates) when Whitford took leave from the band due to illness in the family.
Brad Whitford guested on guitar on  The Neighborhoods' last ever concert on October 1992.


Willie Nelson: Live and Kickin'
Released: June 24, 2003
Label: Lost Highway 45302
Features: Steven Tyler (vocals)
Track: One Time Too Many (track 15)
A 15 track album release of the April 9th, 2003 show at Beacon Theatre, New York to celebrate Country and Western star's 70th birthday.

Willie Nelson's guests included Paul Simon, Elvis Costello, Norah Jones, Eric Clapton, Ray
Charles, Wyclef Jean, Lyle Lovett, Toby Keith, Steven Tyler, Sheryl Crow, Ray
Price, Shelby Lynne and Shania Twain.

Tyler's contribution was singing with Nelson on "One Time Too Many", a tune Nelson and Tyler/Aerosmith recorded in the late 80s and was recently released on "The Essential Willie Nelson" 2CD collection.

Maybe due to contractual issues or lack of space on the CD, the final show song where all the "friends" joined Willie Nelson on stage, "On The Road Again" is not included.


Porch Ghouls: "Bluff City Ruckus"
Released: April 8, 2003 USA
Label: Roman Records 87033 (Columbia)
Features: Joe Perry (Executive Producer)
The Porch Ghouls, a 4 piece garage rock band from MemphisTN, were spotted by Joe Perry during a vacation in 2002 when  the Porch Ghouls  were on a Sun Studio tour. So impressed was Perry by them, that they became his first signing on his newly formed Roman Records. The 13 track album was self-produced by the band with Joe Perry acting as executive producer.

On May17, 2003, the Porch Ghouls provided the entertainment at the Gibson party bash at House of Blues, Cambridge, MA to celebrate the launch of the new Joe Perry signature model Les Paul guitar. The band will also appear on a small stage at various dates of the Kiss/Aerosmith outdoor tour kicking off in August 2003.

The Japanese version contain 3 extra extra bonus tracks "Ten Thousand Blueberry Crates (Demo)", "Little Candy For Tessie (Demo)" and "Nine Dollars Worth Of Mumble (Demo)".


Genie Joe And The Axeman (Arcade Game)
Released: March 2004
Label: Star Mountain Studios (online game)
Features: Joe Perry (voice, guitar)
The game features an animated Joe Perry as a guitar playing genie collecting ingredients to make his Hot Sauce. Perry's voice and guitar work (and other sounds effects ) are utilized in the game. The game was developed by Briar Lee (Star Mountain Studios).
Originally created as a promotion for Joe Perry's Hot Sauce: Joe Perry's Rock Your World Boneyard Brew.
Some guitar pieces  in the game appear on the "Honkin' On Bobo" track, "You Gotta Move"


Sara Hudson - Naked Truth
Released: September 7, 2004
Label: S-Curve Records
Features: Steven Tyler (backing vocals)
Sarah Hudson is the daughter of musician/producer Mark Hudson (member of the 70's band The Hudson's Brothers who is a close friend of Steven Tyler and has song-writing and producing credits on Aerosmith albums. She is also cousin of actress Kate Hudson (who is married to Chris Robinson of Black Crowes fame).

Tyler appears on the track "Girl's On The Verge", the second track on her first album and the album's first single (and also co-written by Desmond Child).