"Thanks to Cristoffer for suggesting this".


11th August 1999 Added more setlists to the "Pump" and "Get A Grip" Tours.
Thanks to Brian Elder for his help in this. Keep them coming!
12th August 1999 Added tour information and stats for the "Pump" and "Get A Grip" tours.
Created a tour section for "Permanent Vacation" including about a dozen setlists.
19th August, 1999 Added Rocks 76 Offenberg setlist and Frankfurt 1999.
Added photos for Brussels 1999 and Lisbon 1999 (with Black Crowes)
23rd August, 1999 Added information on new Joe Perry Project album to Aerosmith Discussion Forum as supplied by Raven Records, Australia.
Majority of Bootleg FAQ 3.0 uploaded but not made visible. Will be released this time next week.
25th August, 1999 Added Nine Lives Post Portem although not complete. Also added other Nine Lives set lists.
29th August, 1999 Added family tree for the Joe Perry Project.
30th August, 1999 Added about 25 covers to the Bootleg FAQ and various new information and titles. Much thanks to Satoshi for his help with this.

Also added JPP Tour dates with setlist info to follow.

28th April, 2000 Recovered what I could of the cgi scripts and data which were wiped by my ISP. Guestbook program working again.
1st May, 2000 Added link to Done With Mirrors tour and added new section for Back In The Saddle Tour.
6th May, 2000 Added temporary counter as previous one was destroyer when ISP zapped cgi directory.
7th May, 2000 Added several new dates (Back In The Saddle, DWM and PV Tours) and additional bootleg titles (more to follow).

Added MTV VMA Section.

8th May, 2000 Added individual page counts to majority of pages. Completed USA Single history.
9th May, 2000 Added draft version of USA Singles and Albums releases to Index. Corrected omission of Get A Grip Billboard table.
10th May, 2000 Added draft version of Bootleg cross reference section which forgot about for 9 months. Version 3 of the Bootleg FAQ still needs a lot of work.
Added a couple more Wembley 99 photos (21:48 and 21:54)
14th May, 2000 Added Rock In A Hard Place Tour.
15th May, 2000 Added Night In The Ruts Dates. and about 10 JPP setlists.
Added Classic Rock Issue 15 article reference ("Read All About It")
16th May, 2000 Updates to Bootleg FAQ V3 - covers to Vol.3, Get A Kick, Welcome To Mama Kins, Welcome to The Sidewalk (thanks Giacomo). Also Playing On The Edge cover and info (thanks Steven)
17th May,2000 Updated the European AF1 section to detail new London office opening plus info on the latest newsletter.
18th May, 2000 Bootleg Section: Added "Another Live Bootleg" , "Aerosmith Live" plus covers (thanks Giacomo). GAG Concert Section: 941215 setlist (thanks Brian).
19th May, 2000 Added 20 setlists - PV, Pump and GAG (cheers Brian).
20th May, 2000 Added further bootleg covers: "Pull the Plug", Bootleg GAG Tour", "USA 1990", "Woodtsock 1994","Exotic, Neurotic, You Got It" (thanks Giacomo).
Some additions and corrections to set lists (thanks Rwy778).
Added "Draw The Line" Tour Section.
21st May, 2000 Added "Rocks" Tour Section although various concert review articles still to be added.
23rd May, 2000 Added some excellent photos of Bon Jovi with the band on 13th Nov 1987. Thanks Matt!
12th June,2000 Diverted email address to due to ISP problems
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2nd August, 2000 Updated concert dates: GAG, PV, Pump. . Added setlists 871105, 900127, 900721, 900510, 900920, 900922, 930806, 931027, 931106, 931118, 940429, 940507, 940509, 940510, 940513, 940516, 940609, 871020, 941116. Thanks to Brian, Dan and Stephen.
3rd August,2000 Updated concert dates: DTL, DWM, Pump, PV
5th August,2000 Added "Get Your Wings" Tour Section.
Draft "Toys In The Attic" Tour Section. Just dates (no setlists or other info)
12th August,2000 Changed display format of Index page so Tours are handled using drop down menu.
13th August,2000 Added Tribute Section covering three albums (moving "Not The Same Old Song And Dance" from Covers section).
16th August,2000 Updated covers section with album covers etc.
7th September,2000 Updated US album section with precise album releae dates
17th September,2000 Added a comprehensive set of JPP dates (from March 82-May 84). The information was compiled Cowboy Mach Bell and most grateful in allowing me to use it. Thanks.
20th September,2000 Added a link to find the Official Aerosmith lyrics. Thanks to Renata and Greg for the Setlist for Milwaukee(5th Aug 94) which includes the unreleased track Wham Bam (originally part of the 1992 GAG Sessions, A&M studios). Added Joe Perry Miscellaneous section (still under development). Added various info on Raven's "The Best of The Joe Perry Project".
21st September,2000 Updated concert dates: PV, Pump, GAG. Added setlist 871125, 871231, 880620, 900222, 900324, 930613, 930829, 940504. Thanks Brian.
24th September,2000 Completed Soundtrack Discography (unfinished project) including new Charlie's Angels track, "Angel's Eye" (Out 17/10/2000)
25th September,2000 Added section listing every Aerosmith tune recorded and released including songwriter analysis.
26th September,2000 Added section detailing every Aerosmith track available.
26th September,2000 Added section detailing miscellaneous albums.
28th September,2000 Addition to Miscellaneous Album section: Stoned Immaculate: The Music of the Doors which contains Love Me Two Times by Aerosmith (Out 14/11/2000)
30th September,2000 Added "Naughty Platinium Rock" compilation to Misc section.
1st October, 2000 Updated Soundtrack section to include Charlie's Angel album cover, extra info on the albumn and that the release is now Oct 24, 2000 but it doesn't look as if the Aerosmith track is on it.
9th October, 2000 Addition to Miscellaneous Album section: WCBN's 'Naked Disc 4Play' which includes a live performance of 'Walk This Way' from 28/3/78.
10th October, 2000 Revamping Nine Lives setlist section to bring in line with other tours and added setlists for all American and Japanese dates (bar April/May 99).
Also added two new sections:
Boston Music Awards and Guest Live Appearances
11th October, 2000 Nine Lives setlist section: Added USA dates April/May 99
13th October, 2000 Thanks to Giuseppe for the "1994" band album cover which has been added to "External ventures" section.
19th October, 2000 Addition to Miscellaneous Album section: Stoned Immaculate: Added album cover
25th October, 2000 Addition to Miscellaneous Album section: WZLX's 'From The Vaults' which includes a live performance of 'Rag Doll' from 26/8/93.
28th December,2000 Added new setlists: 751015, 750823, 750726, 750829, 750918, 760724, 770201, 800124, 830128, 840217, 841231, 850107, 840727, 860504, 860315, 900919, 940529, 940226, 931204, 980121, 981205. Thanks to Andi and Brian. Corrected setlist dropdown so "Done With Mirrors" option is available.
29th December,2000 Added tour sections for The Early years (1970-72), Aerosmith album tour and Live Bootleg! Sections very rough and no setlists.
30th December,2000 Added Europe 99 setlists to NL tour section (which was previous available under European Tour 99 section)
9th January, 2001 Updated "Out of the Ordinary Section" adding recent Geffen Europe release, "Classic Aerosmith"
Updated the US Single information. Used data in Terry Hounsome's excellent Rock Record 7 book and RecordFile 6 program (
UK album release table.
13th January, 2001 Added new single/album section with release dates. Added Amercian Music Awards section of awards the band has picked up. Added Australian "Best of" and Geffen 3CD repackage albums to the albums section.
15th January, 2001 Added information on new tribute album, Aerosmithsonian.
16th January, 2001 Reformatted and updated Guest appearance section.
30th January, 2001 Added coverwork for Aerosmithsonian tribute album and info on US Jaded maxi single. Also added new tribute album, Janie's Got A Gun.
2nd February, 2001 Added "Just Push Play" track list (info from Best Buy USA). Updated various sections based on new Just Push Play data.
3rd February, 2001 Added "Just Push Play" artwork - found on
6th February, 2001 Added UK variants of UK Jaded single to Just Push Play section and also amended US Just Push Play album with correct track listing. Also updated the UK singles section.
9th February, 2001 In Billboard section, added RIAA accumulative sales graph and ALSOS chart record. Added reference that JPP will be available in vinyl.
10th February, 2001 Added setlist for 830802 (Thanks Guy). Also made updated to the source of the Rattlesnake Shake bootleg- (Counterpart Creative Studios, Cincinnati,OH)
11th February, 2001 Added Millenium Edition album to Out of the Ordinary Section. Added appended section on Russian titles that are probably non-official releases.
13th February, 2001 Added some additional tour dates 27/6/77 and 16/2/83. Also added folowing setlist data 770207, 771212, 791216, 830813, 840831, 971130. Cheers Brian. Updated US Jaded single to new date of March 13. European version of JPP will have the appended track Face.
17th February, 2001 Added UK version of Just Push Play.
19th February, 2001 Added section on songs not played live.
21st February, 2001 Updated Nine Lives Tour section to include various expanded data on promtional tours and TV/radio appearances.
Based off ASCAP data, corrected songwriters on
Done With Mirrors album.
Added track songwriters for
Just Push Play album.
26th February, 2001 Added Big Ones 2CD Limited Edition to Out of the Ordinary. Added concert dates 780806, 781205 and 891018 (first Pump date)
1st March, 2001 Updated various chart data in respect to Greatest Hits awarded Diamond RIAA status (10 million sales in the USA).Other RIAA updates: Rocks (4 million), GYW (3 million), Classics Live! (1 million).
3rd March, 2001 Add updates to Just Push Play section of European single tracklisting and that Under My Skin (reprise) is a hidden track on the album
5th March, 2001 Updated UK singles section with Jaded artwork for MC and CD. Add Q Magazine (April 2001) to UK Magazine and Read All About it sections. Added artisement promotion to Jush Push Play section.
6th March, 2001 New came online and removed link to the original lyrics sites as no longer valid. Added Jaded Vinyl Picture Disc pic to JPP section.
9th March, 2001 Correct JPP info as Under My Skin reprise is incorporated as a hidden tarck in Avant Garden. Also added Dudas as a songwriter to the title track.
10th March, 2001 Added 15 new Toys In The Attic dates - thanks Guy
15th March, 2001 Updated Radio/TV Performances to include recent and future performances of Jaded. Also various Just Push Play section updates.
18th March, 2001 Added various chart data for JPP and also Ringo's "I Wanna Be Santa Claus" album to the guest appearance section (Joe Perry contributes and some material recorded in Joe's Boneyard studio).
21st March, 2001 Separated chart position info for Just Push Play into seperate section.
26th March, 2001 Added Munich club gig performance at the weekend. Added additional info to JPP Tour and updated US single information that future planned singles are Fly Away From Here and Just Push Play.
26th March, 2001 Added setlists for 990425, 990427, 990513. Album
28th March, 2001 Updated charts section and album release section with more info on BIg Ones (2 CD set) and Millenium Collection.
28th March, 2001 Added dates 780723
5th April, 2001 Updated JPP charts sections and JPP tour section with Japanese club gig (MTV)
18th April, 2001 Added first two legs of US dates for the Just Push Play Tour
10th June, 2001 Added pre-tour short set FM sponsored setlists and dates and first 3 tour setlists.
30th July, 2001 Brought the JPP setlists up to date. Added over 20 other setlists from the Back In the Saddle, DWM and Pump tours.
17th August, 2001 Added numerous other setlists to JPP and earlier tours. Added new section - Artists appearing with the band.
25th October, 2001 Added track listing for "Young Lust: An Aerosmith Anthology" and also Japanese JPP Dates.
26th October, 2001 Added artwork for "Young Lust: An Aerosmith Anthology" and updates to guest appearance section, ie Mick Jagger's "Goddess In the Doorway" and Pink's "Misundaztood"
2001-2002 continued to update tour dates, setlists etc
25th May, 2002 Added Spider Man soundtrack, Ultimate Hits section and 2002 tour date page and new tracks to database.
9th April, 2004 Added Just Push Play Tour Breakdown Statistics
13th April, 2004 2001-2003 Tour Breakdown added.
14th April, 2004 Roar of The Dragon Tour stats added
27th April, 2004 Finally added up Japanese 7" picture sleeve section
29th April, 2004 Added USA promos section for singles and 12"
28th May 2004 Added Video Director section to US Singles section
3rd June 2004 Added Attendance data for "Honkin On Bobo" tour.
5th June, 2004 Filled in Attendance gaps on "Rocksimas Maximus" tour and added Attendance Data section"
9th June, 2004 Filled in Attendance gaps on "Girls of Summer" tour and added Attendance Data section". Added Attendance Data and Section for "Just Push Play" tour
29th June, 2004 Complete revamp of Nine Lives tour section using entire statistical breakdown of song numbers and attendance figures. Added additional observations to setlists.
Added Tour Stats selection on Main Home page.
2nd July, 2004 Added Tour Breakdown of Japanese Dates