Australian label, Raven Records released "The Best of The Joe Perry Project" (RVCD-98) on September 14th, 1999.

When the CD was released, some of the songwriting credits were incorrect for tracks from the album "Once A Rocker, Always A Rocker" as omitted Mach Bells contribution from tracks 17, 18 and 20. This came about as they lifted the tracks from the original CD album recordings, and MCA omitted the songwriting credits when they re-released the album on CD (MCAD-11028). Raven corrected this with later pressings of the album. Currently they have sold around 6,000 copies (Sept 00).

The album includes the rare non-album B-side BONE TO BONE (never before released on CD). The long lost master tape was discovered in the vaults at Sony Records Australia. The version of "Bone To Bone" is an instrumental - the original appeared on Aerosmith's 1979 "Night In The Ruts" album which Perry played on before quitting Aerosmith in November, 1979. This version originally appeared on the B-side of the Project's first single, "Let The Music Do The Talking" (August 1980).

Raven now have a web site and click on this line for details about the album from their site.


Joe Perry also appears on Raven's Alice Cooper Compilation, "FREEDOM FOR FRANKENSTEIN: HITS & PIECES 1984-1991 " (RVCD-69) . Joe played guitar on the track "House of Fire" which originally appeared on the Alice Cooper album "Trash" (Sony Music, 1989).