Lizard Love


I woke up in the mist on a desert isle
I dreamt I was kissed by a crocodile

Ohhh must be Lizard Love
(Ohhh call it Lizard Love)

I think this must be love as I just got slimed
Like Tarzan kissing Jane
For the very first time


It's a junglehood lover
It's the kind that likes to kiss and tell
She's a little bit of heaven, a 24-7
Ride on the back of a Gazelle

A l..... Voodoo .....
Make you do the do
And you could blame it my h....
Put a spell on you


At first I thought I was dreamin'
That I'd wake up and she'd dissappear
But by the time we got to Jurassic Park
She was laughing and a screamin' swinging from the chandlier

You know I never seem to give
Or ever get enough
And I just can't seem to live without
That sweet bodacious stuff


1992/2003 Swag Song Music Inc.

(As on the "Rugrats Go Wild" soundtrack)