Kerrang, No.33, January 13-26, 1983
Six Page special, entitled "Return of the Conquering Aero!" by Dante Bonutto (pics by Ross Halfin). Guitar Heroes focuses on Jimmy Crespo. Pages 4-9 and 19


Kerrang, No.106, October 31-November 13, 1985
Interview, "The 'Smiths". Malcolm Dome interviews Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. Pages 14-18.


Kerrang, No.127, August 21-September 3, 1986.
Article "Rapping Yarns"by Mark Putterford. Pages 30-33.


Sounds, September 2, 1989
Article, "Going Doing with Aerosmith". Paul Elliott comes face-to-face with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. Pages 22-23.


Kerrang, No.254, September 2, 1989.
"Citizen Smiths", Ray Zell talks to Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. Pages 48-53. Also includes a Love In An Elevator single advert (p19).


Melody Maker, November 18, 1989.
"Aerosmith" - Matt Smith talks to Steven Tyler and Joe Perry about their past, as the band arrive in Britain for their first concerts in over a decade.


Kerrang, No135, October 27 - November 9, 1993.
Jesse Nash interviews Steven Tyler. "The Ex-Toxic Avenger!", Pages 28-32


Kerrang, No.278, February 24, 1990
Aerosmith No1 in the Readers Poll (Band, album and tour).


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Steffan Chirazi interviews Joe Perry about the forthcoming Donnington 1990 festival. "Oh No Joe!", Pages 12-14,16.


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Dave Reynolds talks to Steven Tyler and Joe Perry on Get A Grip. "Gripping Yarns", Pages 39-41.


Metal Attack. Metal Hammer Special No.1/93
Special on Bon Jovi and Aerosmith. Pages 30-60. Band profiles, history and discography.


Hotshots: Aerosmith Rockin' Britain.
Various interviews and posters in a packed Aerosmith special


Kerrang, No.470, November 20, 1993
Pandora Peroxide meets Aerosmith during their European 93 tour (in Rotterdam). "Bitch in the Saddle", pages 38-42. The free Killerwatt Supplement has Steve Beebee talking with Joey Kramer on his drum hardware "Beat to Live".


Metal CD, Volume 1, No.6 1993
Article, "riffin' with the 'smiths". Joe Perry tells all about Get A Grip to Phil Suter. Includes LP discography. Pages 44-51.


Raw, No.149, May 11-24, 1994.
"Getting Ape!" - Dave Ling talks to Steven Tyler and Joe Perry about the forthcoming Donnington 94, Mosters of Rock Festival". Pages 28-32.


Kerrang, No.497, June 4, 1994
"The Real Thing". Dave Reynolds talks to Joe Perry and Steven Tyler prior to their Donnington 94 appearance. Also Pete Makowski recalls Steven's Sex 'N' Drugs 'N' Rock 'N' Roll in the early 80s. Includes Pandora's Toys advert, page 9.


Kerrang, Aerosmith Mega Metal No.4, June 1994
Six giant posters, complete Aerosmith history and detailed discography plus Personal Profiles. Also included an Aerosmith family tree as researched by Malcolm Dome.


Kerrang, No.636, February 22, 1997.
"The Untouchables". Joe Perry and Steven Tyler tell Paul Rees why they are America'sbiggest and indestructible Rock band. Pages 16-19.


Kerrang, No.650, May 31, 1997
Includes 8 page Aerosmith pull-out. "Aerosmith: On the road and in your face!". Paul Elliott talks to Joe Perry and Steven Tyler in "It's great when you're straight - yeah!".


Kerrang, No.676, November 29, 1997
"I Like to Score". Paul Brannigan talks to Steven Tyler. Pages 16-19.


Classic Rock, Issue 5, July/August, 1998
"Hey Joe..": Paul Gargano talks to Joe Perry as Aerosmith prepare to fly in for their Wembley Stadium show. Free CD with magazine includes Sweet Emotion (taken from Toys in the Attic).


Kerrang, No.756, June 26, 1998.
"Young Lust". Paul Brannigan talks to Steven Tyler. Pages 12-15.


Q. Magazine April 2001
"Aerosmith - Not Dead" pages 84-92 including a discography.Clark Collis talks to Joe Perry and Steven Tyler during the video shoot of Jaded in Los Angeles, CA.