Toys In The Attic (4:35)
b/w Sweet Emotion (3:07)

CBS SOBP 0315 [ July 1975 ]


Dream On (3:25)
b/w Mama Kin (3:48)


CBS SOBP 0348 [ Jan 1976 ]


Last Child (3:19)
b/w Combination(3:40)


CBS 06SP-18 [ July 1976 ]


Home Tonight (3:15)
b/w Get The Lead Out(3:42)


CBS 06SP-112 [ Oct 1976 ]


Walk This Way (3:41)
b/w Nobody's Fault (3:58)


CBS 06SP-130 [ Jan 1977 ]


Back In the Saddle (4:49)
b/w Sick As A Dog (4:14)


CBS 06SP-146 [ April 1977 ]


Draw The Line (3:22)
b/w Bright Light Fright (2:20)


CBS 06SP-200 [ Jan 1978 ]


Kings And Queens
b/w Critical Mass


CBS 06SP-217 [ Apr 1978 ]


Come Together (4:46)
b/w Kings And Queens (Edit #2) (3:46)


CBS 06SP-259 [ April 1978 ]


Dream On (re-issue) Gold disc


CBS 06SP-365


 (Walking In The Sand( (4:06)

b/w Bone To Bone (3:00)


CBS 06SP-450 [ Jan 1979 ]

In the mid-1970s, record labels began to advertise single releases having a picture sleeve (or limited availability of the picture sleeve). At the time, it was the special release format that fans/collectors sort. The picture sleeves came in two formats: gloss picture card sleeve and the paper picture sleeve.

In Japan they released Aerosmith singles in picture sleeves and this format was not used too much worldwide in regard Aerosmith releases until they were on Geffen. In many cases, the picture sleeve was a partial reproduction of the album's artwork (i.e. singles "Toys In The Attic", "Dream On", "Kings And Queens", "Remember") but others were live concert shots (or collection of).

These days, the above Japanese releases can command prices of over $50 (US) each.

What was notably different with some of the Japanese 1970s single releases was the choice of B-side (and in some cases A-side)  in comparison with other worldwide and home market variants, i.e.

  1. In U.S.A., "Toys In The Attic" only featured as a B-side on their "You See Me Cryin'" single, whereas "Sweet Emotion" had been Aerosmith's first Top 40 hit single in 1975.
  2. "Dream On" was backed with "Mama Kin" whereas in the U.S.A. (and other countries) it was b/w "Somebody" during it's initial release (1973) and later re-issue (1976).
  3. "Last Child" was the first Japanese single to have the same B-side as other worldwide releases.
  4. "Home Tonight" was backed with "Get The Lead Out" whereas in the U.S.A they used an earlier album track, "Pandora's Box".
  5. Instead of "Uncle Salty" on the reverse of "Walk This Way", "Nobody's Fault" was used". The latter, was used worldwide as the B-side to "Back In The Saddle", but this single in Japan carried "Sick As A Dog".