The following section details songs in the Aerosmith reportoire that have never been played in concert (unless you know otherwise?).

The longest passage of time until a song was given its live debut was the Rock's tune "Nobody's Fault" which finally was played on the Nine Lives tour in February 1998 for a couple of months; some 22 years later. Aerosmith made various references to having not played this song and one they would like to play in Metal Edge article in 1997.

Some songs have made appearances unexpectedly such as a majority of "The Movie" during 1985 when used the band played it as a jam whilst awaiting for something to be repaired. Some bars of other songs have popped up in medleys, such as "Combination" in 1977, but not enough of it to warrant it being called detailed as being played. 

A portion of Home Tonight was played during a soundcheck in Tokyo in 2002 (Feb 3).  There were reports of this song played live on July 6, 1990 Castle Farms Music Theater, Charlevoix, MI

The first album and Pump are the only albums to date where the entire album has been played live during the tours to promote those albums. In the 90s, with the age of Compact Disc, the number of tracks on albums have increased hence making the feat of playing the whole album less likely.

Some unreleased session material has been played in recent tours such as Wham Bam (Get A Grip 92 session), Bacon Biscuit Blues and Guilty Kilt (Pump sessions).


Song Album Comments
Spaced Get Your Wings  
Round and Round Toys In The Attic  Riff played Sacremento 9/9/88
You See Me Crying Toys In The Attic  
Combination Rocks Played small bits of integrated in other songs
Home Tonight Rocks July 6, 1990 Castle Farms Music Theater, Charlevoix, MI ??
Segment during Tokyo Soundcheck Feb 2002
Critical Mass Draw The Line  
The Hand That Feeds Draw The Line  
Mia Night In The Ruts  
Cry Me A River Rock In A Hard Place  
Prelude To Joanie Rock In A Hard Place  
Joanie's Butterfly Rock In A Hard Place  
Push Comes To Shove Rock In A Hard Place  
The Reason A Dog Done With Mirrors  
St. John Permanent Vacation Some odd snippets (to detail)
Can't Stop Messin' Get A Grip (Intl)  
Ain't That Bitch Nine Lives  
Attitude Adjustment Nine Lives  
Fallen Angels Nine Lives  
Crash Nine Lives
Fall Together Nine Lives (Japan)  
Ain't Enough Pump (Japan)  
Head First Eat The Rich CD single  
Don't Stop Livin' On The Edge CD single  
Major Barbra Classics Live! Some early club dates in 71-72
Rocking Pneumonia and the
Boogie Woogie Flu
Less Than Zero Soundtrack  
Trip Hoppin' Just Push Play
Luv Lies Just Push Play
Outta Your Head Just Push Play
Avant Garden Just Push Play
The Face Just Push Play (Intl)
Won't Let You Down Just Push Play (Japan)
Eyesight To the Blind Honkin' On Bobo  
You Gotta Move Honkin' On Bobo  
I'm Ready Honkin' On Bobo  
The Grind Honkin' On Bobo  
Jesus Is On the Main Line Honkin' On Bobo  


Note: Not included Subway, Circle Jerk, On The Road Again.