The Boston Music Awards began in 1987 and Aerosmith have always featured heavily in both their nomination and winners lists.


Award Show Venue Date Attended
By Band
1st Opera House (2,600) April, 1987 No (Recording Permanent
Vacation in Vancouver with Bruce Fairburn)
Outstanding Rock Band  
2nd Wang Center (~4000) April, 1988 No Outstanding Rock Album: Permanent Vacation

Outstanding Rock Band

Male Vocalist: Steven Tyler

Outstanding Single: Dude (Looks Like a Lady)

3rd Wang Center (4200) April 25, 1989 No Outstanding Rock Band  
4th Wang Center (4200) April 19, 1990 No (performing in FL) Outstanding Rock Band

Outstanding Pop/Rock Album: Pump

Outstanding Song/Songwriters: Tom Hamilton and Steven Tyler for "Janie's Got A Gun"

Outstanding Guitarist: Joe Perry

Outstanding Bassist: Tom Hamilton

5th Wang Center (4200) April 16, 1991 No Outstanding Rock Band

Outstanding Rock Single: What It Takes

6th Wang Center April 14, 1992 Yes Outstanding Rock Band

Outstanding video: "Sweet Emotion"

7th Wang Center April 7, 1993 Yes Outstanding Rock Band

Male Vocalist: Steven Tyler

Pespi Right to Rock Award

8th Wang Center April 5, 1994 Tom Hamilton and Brad Whitford jammed with Heretix on "Come Together" Rock Band

Act of the Year

Album of the Year: "Get a Grip"

Single of the Year: "Cryin"

Male Vocalist: Steven Tyler

Video: "Livin' on the Edge"

Song/Songwriter: "Livin' on the Edge," by Tyler/Perry/Hudson

9th Orpheum Theater (2,800) November 2, 1995 No Outstanding Video: "Crazy" 4
10th Orpheum Theater October 22, 1996 Yes Act of the Decade  
11th Orpheum Theater January 15, 1998   ?  
12th Orpheum Theater April 22, 1999   Male Vocalist: Steven Tyler

Video of the Year: ``I Don't Want to Miss a Thing''

15th Orpheum Theater April 11, 2002 No Video of the Year: Jaded

Album of the Year: Just Push Play