I grew up on The Sweet in the early 70s and became hooked on American Heavy Metal when I heard that classic debut metal album by Montrose. Then in 1975, I heard Sweet Emotion on BRMB radio's Robin Valk Rock show and I was hooked. He played this and Toys in the Attic and that is where it all started. Sweet Emotion is still my favourite Aerosmith track. My first real live concert was Kiss on their Destroyer tour and about that time I picked up the my favourite Aerosmith LP to date, Rocks. On October 16th, at the Birmingham Odeon, I caught Aerosmith on their Rocks tour. Despite the bad press etc and poor sound, I still have very vivid memories of that concert. It played havoc with my hearing for a week or so.

Unfortunately I regret not going to Reading 77 especially since the band didn't appear again in the UK until 1989. From Wembley Arena 1989, I saw the band at Donnington in 90 and then again at the NEC in Birmingham in Oct 93. I remember that gig well as I carried a mobile phone as my wife was expecting our first child at any time. After Donnington 94, it was a long wait, but luckily I caught and met various members of the band in London in Jan 97 for the Listening Party for Nine Lives. Then I did something I said I would do after the Rocks tour and never really got the opportunity and saw the band on tour wherever I could. I saw them on tour on every date in the UK plus gigs in Paris, Madrid and Rotterdam. This I followed up with concerts at Orlando and Dallas and recently got over the disappointment of them cancelling thir Europe 98 tour with seeing them in Chicago.

I am an avid (read crazed fanatic) Aerosmiith collector and have units full of CDs, CD singles, 7" and 12" vinyl singles, vinyl albums, cassettes, CD boots, concert tapes, tabulature books, books, magazines, videos etc.